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Complex Kisses

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I promised myself to never come back. Yet here I was, stuck in the hometown I’d run away from, sick with worry, and faced with the temptation of the most handsome stranger I’d ever met.

Fate had either the very best or very worst timing.

Still, I tried not to question it.

How could I when it put Eric Anderson in my path?

He was like my knight in shining armour. Trustworthy, steadfast, and sexy as hell. When he found me crying in a hospital stairwell, he’d been more than willing to save the day.

But the only rescuing I needed was from myself. As a single mom with a bad habit of running from my troubles, and an even worse habit of lying about it, I was a mess.

And Eric was already carrying a heavy burden on his broad shoulders—the absolute last thing he needed was me.

He got me anyway.

Oh, how he got me. Any and every which way he wanted.

When our undeniable chemistry finally boiled over, we called it a temporary distraction. A momentary reprieve. An agreement to escape from the ugly truths of our lives, and to just live in the moment.

Somehow, what was meant as a distraction turned into something more. Something real.

Now, I had a choice to make. Follow my instincts and run from the things of my past. Or leave fear behind for good, and find a new future with Eric.

One thing would hurt me…But the other? Well, the other might just break me.

Fairytale Kisses

When I promised no more mistakes, I’d meant it. Yet here I was, staring down at a pink plus sign, with my heart in my throat, future on hold, and the fuzzy memory of the delicious lips of a much younger man on mine.

No way could things could get any worse.

Or so I thought. Until Caleb Anderson asked me out on a date.

He was the most sincere, fun-loving, and ridiculously attractive man I’d ever met. Seven years my junior, my best friend’s cousin, and six years cancer-free, he was living his best damn life.

And he wanted me to be part of it.

Too bad I was pregnant with another man’s baby.

Still, he pursued me. Wooed me. Wowed me in every way possible.

Despite our age difference, our battle scars, and my habit of making the worst damn choices, he tried to convince me that love was real. To give me hope for a new kind of future.

Somehow, he succeeded.

But if the mistakes of my past taught me anything, it’s that feelings of hope can’t be trusted. Unless maybe Caleb is right. Maybe fairy tales can be real.

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Illicit Kisses

I’ve always been the outsider. The antihero. The guy who’s only good for a good time.

But losing my ex has made me see things clearly.

I want my life back. To be the kind of man worthy of not only her love, but her respect. To do right by my son, and fulfill the promise I made to a dying man.

Only, two chance encounters flip my carefully laid plan upside down.

Chantel’s allure and Sean’s charming seduction make me question everything—my commitment to rekindling my relationship, my own desires, and my place in this small town.

Both are impossible to forget and harder still to resist.

With them, I’m someone new, and something I’ve always craved to be. The real me.

Now, I must choose... Hold onto the promise I made and a love that’s already lost, or move on with two new lovers. Take a gamble and lose the life that I’ve built. Or miss the chance and lose myself.

Either way, the biggest risk might just be my heart.

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